Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Help "Fight the Good Fight!" Hand Out Flyers!

Help "Fight the Good Fight!" Hand Out Flyers!

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Would you like to help promote The God Delusion and the new website? There are website banners here, but for those who REALLY want to get out and hit the streets, we have created a flyer for you to print and hand out! It fits four to a page, so they are small enough to keep in your back pocket or stack at your local coffee shop or school event desk. Hand them out outside your local school or church! If you have any questions or suggestions about the flyer, email me (Josh) at Please be sure to check the law in your area regarding the distribution or posting of printed materials.

PRINT THIS PAGE: The 4-Flyers-To-A-Sheet 300dpi page (Black and White)


COLOR VERSION: The 4-Flyers-To-A-Sheet 300dpi page (Color)

Click here for the single flyer at 300dpi

NEW ALTERNATE VERSION! Submitted by Stefan Harris

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