Sunday, 13 May 2007

BISHOPS IN THE LORDS - Early Day Motion 998

WASP suggest that constituents ask their MPs to sign Early Day Motion 998


Challen, Colin

That this House notes the Government's proposals in the document The House of Lords: Reform that the reformed chamber should include Church of England bishops who will hold their seats as of right; further notes the overwhelming public wish shown in the 2002 consultation on Lords reform to abolish all automatic seats for Church of England bishops; believes that, in modern Britain, it is unacceptable for anyone to have a place in the legislature because of their religion or belief; further believes that, whether a reformed House of Lords contains elected members or members appointed on merit, no places should be assigned as of right on the basis of religion or belief; and calls for the automatic right of Church of England bishops to sit in the House of Lords to be removed.

Signatures (57)

Challen, Colin Dismore, Andrew Russell, Bob Prentice, Gordon Flynn, Paul McCafferty, Chris Simpson, Alan Holmes, Paul Jackson, Glenda Jones, Lynne Lazarowicz, Mark Lepper, David McDonnell, John Caton, Martin Corbyn, Jeremy Abbott, Diane Vis, Rudi Wyatt, Derek Pope, Greg Pugh, John Gibson, Ian Hamilton, David Ruddock, Joan Austin, John Bercow, John Leech, John Galloway, George Brooke, Annette Etherington, Bill Foster, Don Hancock, Mike Begg, Anne Berry, Roger Williams, Stephen Naysmith, Doug Cohen, Harry Dean, Janet Featherstone, Lynne Olner, Bill Swinson, Jo Moon, Madeleine Gerrard, Neil Francis, Hywel Hunter, Mark Reid, Alan Breed, Colin Baker, Norman Harris, Evan Dowd, Jim Illsley, Eric Burt, Lorely Keen, Alan Thornberry, Emily Stewart, Ian Brown, Russell Mulholland, Greg Howarth, David

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