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The God Delusion pledge to MPs - email to All Humanist Group MPs


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Sent: 23 April 2007 20:52
To: PURVIS, Rebecca; CURRY, David; MARSHALL-ANDREWS, Robert; JONES, Lynne; portsmouthldp@cix.co.uk; GIDLEY, Sandra; CLAPHAM, Michael; ALLEN, Graham (MP)
Subject: Meeting with The Press to celebrate successful "The God Delusion" Book pledge to MPs.

To the All-Party Parliamentary Humanist Group MPs: Evan Harris David Curry Robert Marshall-Andrews Robert Marshall-Andrews Lynne Jones Mike Hancock Sandra Gidley Michael Clapham Graham Allen John Austin Ashok Kumar John McDonnell Nick Brown Paul Holmes Roger Berry Michael Connarty Piara Khabra Ian Gibson Tom Levitt Ann Keen Ken Purchase Joan Ruddock Angela Eagle

James Christie pledged "I will arrange for my MP to receive a copy of Richard Dawkins' book "The God Delusion" but only if 645 other people (one per UK constituency) will do the same for other MPs."

The deadline to sign up was 31st March 2007 - 826 people signed up (181 over target). Every MP in the country is to receive a copy of the book following a grassroots effort by humanists who want to challenge state privileges given to religious groups. The campaign, organised through the community action website, Pledgebank, is an attempt to demonstrate how widespread secular and atheist views are in this country.

James Christie, Peter Klaver and I seek to announce the success of the pledge, to The Press, at a 30 minute meeting w/c 23rd April or w/c 30th April at The House of Commons.

Attending (subject to final confirmation):

· Graham Allen MP

· Norman Bacrac, South Place Ethical Society

· Jane Bannister, Chairman, Dorset Humanists

· Crispin Blunt MP

· James Christie, pledge creator

· Andrew Copson, BHA / PA to Lord MacDonald

· Prof. Richard Dawkins, Author “The God Delusion”

· Martin Horwood MP

· Prof. Steve Jones, Secularist of the Year

· Dr Peter Klaver, pledge organiser

· Chris Street, Dorset Humanists / pledge organiser

· David Williams, Berkshire Humanists

We would be pleased if members of the All-Party Parliamentary Humanist Group would attend this meeting.

Please advise which dates & times during w/c 23rd April or w/c 30th April you can / cannot attend.

More information: http://www.pledgebank.com/church-and-state

List of MP and Pledgers: http://www.jamiechristie.com/cands/

Guardian report: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/news/archives/2007/04/12/darwins_rottweiler_looks_to_round_up_britains_atheists.html

Best Regards,

Dorset Humanist Association www.dorsethumanists.co.uk

Affiliated to British Humanist Association www.humanism.org.uk

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