Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Atheist Prayer

Atheist or not, some of these statements make sense!
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Let us take responsibility for our own actions, inactions, strengths
and frailties and not project them onto ghosts, spirits, stars, portents
and gods unseen.

Let us have the courage to accept that one person's faith is another
person's bloody-minded pig-headed refusal to accept the obvious.

Let us have the wisdom to accept that if our ancestors had fared differently
in wars our communities would be holding different absurdities up as
sacred truths, and the willingness to accept those absurdities would
be seen as the badge of social trustworthiness or even the right to
be allowed to draw breath.

Let us accept that the difference between a prophet and a madman is
not what they say but whether the crowd accepts the story and tells
their children to believe it.

Let us have the courage to accept that wanting to believe in something
with every fibre of our being does not and cannot make it true.

Truth needs no help, no believers, no bowed heads and no amens.

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