Sunday, 3 June 2007



BACKGROUND - The general introduction for this project is at:

The Morality Project is right on track in gathering evidence that the basis of human morality is naturalistic.

You can read its four assertions (A-D), along with the tally of studies nominated as backing for them, at:

MP leader, Ruban, has nominated the initial peer-reviewed studies to be considered in the "Brights' review" phase of the project.

Late this month, Brights Central invited MP team members who are Brights to participate in evaluating these draft nominations, recommending removals and proposing additional studies. Empirical research articles relevant to the MP are best evaluated through online journal access, especially through one's university library system or databases such as EBSCO, PSYCINFO, JSTOR, PUBMED and BIOSIS.

You need not be already on the MP team to participate in this aspect of the Morality Project. Involvement by interested Brights who have necessary experience and time available will be welcomed. (NOTE: The evaluation work must be completed by July 15.) To obtain an "invitation to review," email and put MP REVIEW in your subject line.

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