Saturday, 23 June 2007

a Free book from the Dept of Education & Skills - to all 11 year old

Which books should the government provide for all


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June 23 6:17

An Atheists choice of a dozen books:

- Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion
- Sam Harris - Letter to a Christian Nation: a challenge to faith
- Christopher Hitchins - God is Not Great: how Religion poisons everything
- Victor Stenger - God the Failed Hypothesis: how science shows that god does not exist
- Sam Harris - The End of Faith
- Daniel Dennett - Breaking the Spell: Religion as a natural phenomenum
- Lewis Wolpert - Six Impossible Things before breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief
- Barbara Smoker - Humanism
- Alfred Hobson - Modern Humanism: Living without religion
- Julian Baggini - Atheism: A very short introduction
- Michel Onfray - In Defense of Atheism
- AC Grayling - What is good: The search for the best way to live.

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