Wednesday, 13 June 2007

USA: A Nation of Uneducated Morons

So tell me, everyone: why are scientists supposed to respect religion, this corrupter of minds, this promulgator of lies, this damnable institution dedicated to delusion, in our culture?
Maybe we need to start picketing fundamentalist churches. Maybe it's about time that we recognize religious miseducation as child abuse.
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These results tell us that the population across the board is messed up, confused, lied to, and festering in ignorance—it's just that right now the Republican party is a magnet for the stupid
going to church every week since childhood probably induces brain damage. This is just a correlation, of course, so how about asking those people who reject evolution why?
I believe in Jesus Christ19
I believe in the almighty God, creator of Heaven and Earth16
Due to my religion and faith16
Not enough scientific evidence to prove otherwise14
I believe in what I read in the Bible12
I'm a Christian9
I don't believe humans come from beasts/monkeys3
No reason in particular2
No opinion3
The overwhelming majority credit their religion; the two secular excuses ("not enough scientific evidence" and "we didn't come from no monkeys") are common enough phrases among the creationists that I expect a majority of those are ultimately due to religion, too
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