Sunday, 26 August 2007


The Coexist Foundation is a charity established in 2006 to promote better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims - the Abrahamic Faiths - through education, dialogue and research. Through the projects and programmes which we support, we hope to help people of these faiths improve their relations - above all with each other, but also with different faiths, and with those of no faith.

"God has given us many faiths but only one world in which to co-exist. May your work help all of us to cherish our commonalities and feel enlarged by our differences."
Sir Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations

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Join the 3,000+ members of Coexist on Facebook - some questions:

What are your views on Hell? Do you believe in it?
What you didn't know about my religion / faith / belief / cause
What does it mean to you to Coexist?

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