Friday, 24 August 2007

Heretical Labels

Mischievous nonbelievers have been spreading labels and stickers around the internet recently, apparently for pasting onto such items as the Gideon Bibles found in many hotel rooms. The Wasteland would like to make it quite clear that this practice is immature, childish and not at all big or clever. Moreover it is likely to cause grave offense to those persons who place free Bibles in hotel rooms for the benefit of all.

To help you recognise these malicious and supposedly humourous pieces of graffiti, we have reproduced several here. Please feel free to copy these images and send them to people who you feel need to be warned of this naughty and cruel activity.

To prevent this unfortunate situation from occurring again, please be sure not to accidentally print off this page as it could accidentally fall into the hands of persons with access to scissors, glue, and Gideon Bibles. An example of the sort of full-page printable sheet of labels is presented here, and we hope this will serve as a warning to others.

More scandalous labels are to be found at The English Atheist website. Avoid it for the sinful heresy it is!

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