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An Effrontery Diacritical Mark

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who say "Our newest Atheist Blogroll member is The Seven Solitudes written by Dane Andrade. Dane has been kind enough to write an introduction to his outstanding new blog.

My name is Dane Andrade. I am the sole contributor to my personal blog at Raised in the deep south, and graduate of a University of Notre Dame, I am an agnostic atheist, future lawyer, and skilled orator and debater. I am the founder of the Secular Covenant, and the head administrator of Facebook's largest Non-religious community, "Atheists, Agnostics, and Non-religious", with over 10,000 members, many of which are active daily. I currently work for the government in Newport, Rhode Island, my background is in Psychology, Computer Engineering, and Theology. I am studying and saving for law school in the New England area.

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"Every human can be taught to explain how the sun is not a god,

Beautifull writing - a very talented writer - WASP

An Effrontery Diacritical Mark

August 31st, 2007 by Dane Andrade

Thought has become an impedance. Like a debilitating disease who keeps its’ host alive long enough to spread to others, eating away at the core of function.
There is a never ending supply of floating radicals in the memesphere; mental flatulence, polluting the once thirsty and starving brain.
I muse about the impeccable stability of ignorance that is held up as ideal in this bloated society.
It has become a common tactic among indolent thinkers to flood peremptory reality and common sense with coercive stagnation. Reason is attacked, and the outer skin of rational inquiry is stripped clean of its’ flesh, gaping and flailing about like a tattered flag, ripped and stuck to a branch protruding from some distant mountainous terrain. Dialogue is not imbued or inspired by complete destruction of partially laid canon in thought, debate is not made stronger by philosophical gymnastics. I can see the problem, even feel its’ source, frothing from the depths of civilization; the potential Vesuvius of evolution.

New thought is forced to survive on two fronts, the regressive desires of fettered minds and aging defenders against progress; and the evolution of thought. The oldest ideas of our civilization have undergone the most strenuous and arduous of tests. Thousands of years of selection, and utterly unlike their natural, physical counterpart, the selection of thoughts hold no benefit.

The conceptual God is as useless now as it has ever been. The only resort for thinking otherwise is the liberal acknowledgment of the general deindividuation and stupidity of our population.
Religion has evolved for years, only sidestepping the inquiry of reason in so far as it needs to survive in the dullest forms.
Every attack is simply met with a calm response about the imaginary benefits of the belief, and the hapless half wits march on, as if a great truth has somehow been discovered.
Far worse than the constituents that make up the zombie horde of idiocy are the defenders of these people, the enablers that allow them their comforts. And at the very end of the spectrum, the leader. The priest, the preacher, the pastor; these people must always desire power, because the moral implications of their existence reach no farther than charlatans, at the first level of superficial greed.
I am usually a champion of certain aspects of human greed, but the visage of service, of charity, of prizes beyond human grasp in order to demand slavery in the guise of comfort and obtain it willingly from the collective masses is beyond my ability to stomach.
From the first tribal shaman to the stadium evangelical, humanity has been in servitude to the most willing master deceiver.
Nothing in this regard has changed, only that aforementioned evolution of thought defending them.
To fight them, humanity has forged within her loins men and women of extreme intellectual prowess, and so far their only contribution has been to pass the fight, the battle to the next generation of potential saviors. We are going to lose this battle.
I spoke of the impedance of thought, a reality, explaining how vast and powerful the defense against reason has become…
Every human can be taught to explain how the sun is not a god, the world is not flat, the earth is not 6,000 years old.
The arguments become more refined, beyond the reach of science, and while she was dragging humanity on her back, the horde slipped in behind her, ready to knock her down at one moment’s weakness, beat her ruthlessly, defining her personage, as if she were a subjective nameless adolescent. Unprotected, she will soon be defined to include that which is untenable. The very ideal of anti-science, becomes science. A transmutation of thought, the poisonous gas of supposed supernaturalism and dogmatic metaphysics injected into her veins like cement mix in a forest oasis.
We have gone from sun gods, to sky gods, to moon gods, to personable gods, to one god, to one spirit, to one personal god, to the closet thing to reality, a pantheistic, deistic god impotent to creation, and then, as if we were no longer able to offer the counter, violent regression towards primordial worship. Back to sun gods, back to cleverly hidden polytheism in the form of a triune, back to antediluvian myths, back to young earths, primitive geology, and ancestral ghost worshiping, back to blood sacrifice and cannibalism, back to tongue languages, and back to promises of paradise and eternal torment.
Using the very defense against these things, the last known vestigial vanguard against the total domination of the lapsing tit for tat equilibrium; science.
The very same people who must defend her become lost in a sudden maze of conflicts from the gathering hordes of atavism.
For society’s intellectuals to have to stop and explain something as simple as the age of earth, while the concept of an eternal place of fire goes unchecked is immeasurably improvident.

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