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Should we use the word 'Spiritual'?

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I would define spiritual as believing in something greater than yourself, while believing youself greater than no one. Obviously that can be interpreted religiously, if you believe that greater "something" is God. But you could also interpret it in a secular way, for example believing that which is greater than yourself to be humanity, your community, other people, nature, etc.

I was not raised in a religious household, and am a scientist by training, but in an effort to relate to my religous friends, I have begun to think of science, specifically math, as my idea of 'god'.

I am not sure if this would be considered spiritual. 'spiritual', as I define the term, includes some form of supernatural event or condition. down with the religious reich!

"Spirituality" is religion without the intellectual content-not that religion has much intellectual content.

I go along with the Natural Order of Things as spiritual. No gods except in mythology readings.

yes, but I am starting to question whether I should use that word any longer, as I do not believe in a higher power by any name, nor do I believe in a spirit that transcends death, and the word spiritual only seems to confuse people.

Not really sure if one's soul (if their is a soul) just disapears or perhaps goes else where!

SpiriTED, yes!! SpiriTUAL, NO!!

well if spiritual is an adjective deriving from spirit, that is a term for distinguishing the physical body from the rest of a human being.. There are two forms of "spirituality." One is extrinsic, that is, it comes from external sources. The other is intrinsic, i.e. comes from internal sources. The former is nothing more than catering to weakness. The latter builds inner strength. It is what I would call "true" spirituality; and it is completely devoid of supernaturalismand all its many mystical forms.

as an out and out athiest, I feel there is still a place for the "spirit" in the definition of the uniqueness of each person

There are no spirits, thus no such thing as spirituality.

"Spiritual" is too often confused with "Inspirational"

I am able to relish the wonder of existence without any sort of 'spirituality'

It is not that this feeling of spirituality emerged out of the idea of God but that God emerged out of a feeling of spirituality

"SPIRITUAL" as in the rediculous concept of SPIRIT (or SOUL)? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

how can a non- believer (atheist) be spiritual? the idea of a spirit requires 'faith' in the first place making you a believer of some sort. And why would you want to be spititual when you could be tolerant and intelligent instead, i think the term for that is open-minded.

I can look at the stars and be awestruck. If that's "spiritual" - OK

Spirtual is a word that has lost its meaning

spiritual means related god & religion I don't believe in spirits.

"Spiritual" is no more than a state of mind.

Skepticism is always healthy.

I am an atheist! There IS no "spirit"!

The word "spiritual" has been hijacked to mean caring, concerned and compassionate when its true meaning is "pertaining to spirit or soul". When people say, "I'm spiritual, but not religious" they are slapping nonbelievers in the face with this meaningless distinction. They're implying that to be caring, concerned and compassionate one must believe in the supernatural. Bullshit! I can be caring, concerned and compassionate without all of the mythical supernatural nonsense, thank you very much.

Spiritual is nothing other than mental.The only place spirits live is in the human brain.

I see the beauty of nature; physics; numbwers; language and arts. I always wanted to have a good definition of that term - because I would like myself to know how to interprete that word, when others use it, because many believing people from eastern religions seem to use the expression on themselves

Of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; mental; intellectual. From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

while I don't believe in any specific diety, I think that it is spirituality that makes us human.

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