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BHA - British Humanist Association - Science Vision

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Tom Rees has posted the following questions in the database of BHA Science. (to join this Yahoo group you must be a member of the BHA.

Tom, thanks for creating the four question Database table "What do you want from the group, what can you do for the group?" viz:-

1) Name
2) Where did you here about the group?
3) Why did you join the group?
4) Do you have a 'vision' for what you want the group to be?

Let me explain why I think the 'vision' bit is important for BHA Science group.

A vision should be a source of inspiration and will stretch the Resources and Capabilities of the BHA Science group. Because our Resources and Capabilities are not fixed our vision can be stretched a lot! For example we potentially have the resources of many science professionals of the honourary BHA associates, the capabilities of 7000+ BHA members and the BHA Philosophers group. We could get the help of some of the 17 Million people (MORI poll) in the UK that have a humanist outlook to life. We need to create a powerful BHA Science vision & mission that will encourage some of them to join BHA Science group in our venture!

We should aim for a BHA Science group statement of no more than one or two paragraphs which encapsulate our shared vision.

The vision is part of a strategic planning process which may include some or all of these steps (not necessarily in this order):-

* Vision - Define the vision after consultation with group members
* Set a Mission Statement with hierarchy of goals
o a Mission Statement tells you what the group is now. It concentrates on the present situation.
o because people have several goals - "Goal congruency" refers to how well the goals combine with each other. Does goal X appear compatible with goal Y? Do they fit together to form a unified strategy? "Goal hierarchy" consists of the nesting of one or more goals within other goal(s).
* SWOT - assess the current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites and Threats
o for example a Threat could be that a Steering Committee could be too controlling and dictatorial - losing motivation and commitment of many group members.
* Formulate - Formulate actions to be taken to attain these goals
* Implement - Implementation of the agreed upon action
* Control - Monitor and get feedback from implemented actions to more or less control the operation

BHA Science vision & mission statements should be part of the BHA culture & values and should re-energise the current BHA Vision & Mission Statements at

BHA Vision
A world without religious privilege or discrimination, where people are free to live good lives on the basis of reason, experience and shared human values.

BHA Mission
The British Humanist Association exists to promote Humanism and support and represent people who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs.

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